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A Poetic Night: Words, Wings and Wine Edition

The Poetic Artiste

Founder & CEO

Check out below for snapshots of our event March 18th, 2023!

Featured Artist

Akilah Divine

IG: @Akilah.Divine

Akilah Divine is a multi-disciplinary artist; singer, spoken word artist, rapper, and actress who was born and raised in Baltimore,MD. She graduated from Delaware State University earning her master’s degree in Social Work (MSW), and two Bachelor of Science Degrees: Social Work and Mass Communications. She has been featured in many publications, a few being: The Afro, Hot 97, Grid Magazine, Baltimore Times, and A&R Factory. Her hit single “TRIBE” was accepted as Official Selection in 14 film festivals and won four best music video awards. She has opened up for grammy-nominated singer Maimouna (Mumu Fresh) Youssef, performed at the largest all female digital festival known as “The Ladybug Festival,”and won the “HOT97 Who’s Next” heat of the week competition. Akilah has been featured on Free Tuition , a Snapchat series that is focused on education and entertainment for passionate, poetic, and inspirational conversations with special guests about justice, equality, and change.

Event Curator: @PoeticArtiste


⁃ Hosted by @SpiffySensai

⁃ Photography by @King_Steffonn

⁃ Wine Glasses by @MyNobleCreations

⁃ Videography by @African_Treasure



⁃ @ThePoeticArtiste

⁃ @JacksonOriginals

⁃ @Glo.TeaCo

⁃ @BodyStoneAndSoul

⁃ @DivineDecimation

- @Artzyxari

IG: @AJoeSaint

Open Mic


Featured Artist from the DMV.


The Artist and the Host :)!


Ms. Jackson of @JacksonOriginals! #VendorAlert


Live Music


Health & Wellness Coach! Check him out @A.M.P.Mentalities




Tap in with the Host of @TheGlobalRenaissancePod!



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