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Can We?



Can we lie in the sand,
and watch the clouds go by?
While the sun sets,
and the tide waves edge higher?
Can we dip our feet in the water,
and play within the sand?
Until we're in each others arms,
silent and attentive,
All I want to have is you,
safe and in my presence.




I've Been Changed



I have waited for this moment to come,
All my life I’ve felt broken.
Picking up pieces of the stolen parts of me,
Regaining my innocence to the best of my ability,
Accepting that what is meant for me will come easily,
I am picking up my pieces...
I am discovering who I’m meant to be...
And even with tribulations... I know I’m better than my past.... I’m more than my history.

Sweetness (Haiku)



Taste, sweet as honey,
You’re my favorite dessert,
I’ll savor all day

Out of Sight (Haiku)



I once loved your face,
Now I hate the sight of you,
Please just stay away.





Attraction (Haiku)



I tried to break free,
Avoiding, -no easy task,
Swept right off my feet.




Honey (Haiku)


She said I'm Honey,
A sweet blessing to her tongue.
Would you like a taste?



Too Much (Haiku)


A wise soul told me,
We do too much for others,
-not enough for us.







I’d stay up all night to avoid the monsters in my dreams,
I didn’t want another night gasping for air,

afraid to sleep.
It was too much to hide in silence,
There was something crying aloud,
I tried to overcome it,
I kept the fears to myself.
But most days my mind was cluttered,
And my heart was heavy
The sharp pains in my chest only caused me to be angry...
I wanted a release,
I knew what I needed to do,
But I kept killing myself,
So I wouldn’t lose you.





Sweet Music


I imagine pleasing you would be like the slow pleasure of a freshly tuned guitar, 
Wanting so badly to strum your chords,
But knowing I must first take it slow.





The Mind of a Sapiosexual


Speechless conversations often lead me to mental orgasms,
But verbal penetration goes deeper than any relation,
Please excuse my bluntness but the thought alone of straddling your mind makes me weak...




Foreseen Future



I knew this would happen, 
All my fears came true, 
I'm not afraid to love,
My fear of love, is you.





Temporary Love


It swept me up like a tornado,
and after time I fell
into its warm, dangerous cocoon,
I thought I'd never live to tell,
but then it all ruptured,
and I again was left exposed.
I thought this storm cleared paths for me,
and I'd find a place to call home,
but I had been mistaken,
this storm had been a disguise,
the tornado that swept me off my feet,
and made me feel alive,
has now been the reason I've since never stopped crying.






Poets X Heartbreaks



I was told,
When you break a poets heart
you are forever in their lines.





Where Are You?



I don't want to search for love,
I want love....
to find me...





The Beauty of a Black Woman



There is something about the beauty of a woman,
it shines in the whites of her eyes,
and the pearls of her teeth,
it is in the melanin of her skin,
and the black of her hair,
it is in the warm browns,
midnight blacks,
and the pinkness of her hidden flesh,
it is in the smell of her skin,
and the natural pheromone scents,
There is something about the beauty of a black woman,
that keeps pulling me in...







Forgotten Daisies



As the days passed,
I grew to be wise,
But the sun shine became dim,
and the rain fall --light.
I felt my petals crumble,
and my stem begin to wilt,
I let pieces of me fall,
Now I look back and wish,
That I'd never been a seed,
only to grow old and tired.
I once was a beautiful flower,
Until my petals died.












Fall in Love With a Poet



They'll write journeys of you, 
from the depths of their eyes,
They'll think of you often,
and remember all times,
They'll paint passion,
with the sweep of their pen,
They'll feel deep, evocative spirits,
when voices relay what silk sheets have penned,
They'll tell of your kisses,
how they taste sweeter than wine,
They’ll tell of lips soft as clouds,
And tongues passionately sword fighting,
They'll speak of your flaws,
as if they are perfection,
They'll walk you into new worlds,
and seize hold of your hearts beat,
They'll scribe their innermost desires,
and grasp onto your soul,
They'll tell of your softness,
They'll tell of your scent,
They'll tell of your taste,
and how plush tongues beg for nectar,
They'll speak of faith,
and the linking of two beings,
Fall in love with a Poet,
to be loved endlessly.









Broken Vase



They ask too late... to fix me,
as if they don't know,
a broken vase.... matter the mending,
will always remain -broken.






Sunset to Sunrise



You always knew how to move me,
captivated by your splendor,
I could watch a million skies set and rise,
with your natural beauty.
I feel safe with you,
lying on empty beaches,
with the sand as my pedestal,
and the ocean as my focus,
while your shadow falls over me,
your oranges and pinks touch me,
in ways I never anticipated,
you always knew how I was feeling,
you listened while I whispered my secrets to the winds,
how can I express my gratitude?
I am forever in your favor,
Sunset to sunrise,
I feel myself with you.







Calculated Misery



I spent more time,

Adding up what made me happy,
I hadn't realized,
The most important flaw,
Was forgetting to subtract,

That which made me sad.










Stressful days,
become less stressful,
when poetry,
is your release.










The taste of your sweetness,
Still lingers on my tongue,
I am an addict for your dew,
Remember the first time I pleased you,
The time my lips pursed between your folds,
That purr that escaped,
You knew I loved to hear you moan...
Then there was the silence,
You sensed what was in store,
As my mouth fluttered across your wetness,
and my lips engulfed your other lips,
You spoke and said I'm nasty
But your taste I can't resist,
or how your diamond peaks at me,
Awaiting a tantalizing encase,
To be wrapped within my tongue,
Light strokes upon the center,
Twirling around the cape that no longer keeps it sheltered,
You hated when I teased you,
I couldn't resist when you said,
Please. Don't. Stop...
As if you knew being craved was my weakness,
I told you what you wanted to hear,
I'm not here to play games,
Firmly wrap your legs around my head,
Bring your garden to my face,
Every drop of dew is a present to my sheets,
Will you be my submissive?
I will handcuff you to the bedposts,
Before I let you run away,
I missed the way your body would spasm for me,
Will you grant me another night?
I only wish to say this blessing between heaven and your thighs...





Hidden Intensions


I see the way you stare at him,
With fierceness in your eyes,
I see the way you blush,
With lips parting to smile,

I see the looks of guilt,
When eyes drift unto me,
I see the way you tremble,
When you know that I have seen.

I see the mannerisms,
The firm meets doused with wine,
I smell it on your breath,
I sense it within our time,

I see the way you stare at him,
With fierceness in your eyes,
I see the way you blush, 
With lips parting to smile,

If only for a moment, 
I’d been less naive to know,
He already has had you,
Your mind, body, your soul...

I see the way you stare at him,
With fierceness in your eyes,
The blushing never to cease...
Had you ever been mine?




Tearful Memories



Time flew faster,
When we were together,
Sunsets were brighter,
Laughter was louder,
Sex was mind blowing,
Conversations were endless.

Then the time came,
When those same conversations seemed stretched,
Laughter rare,
Sunsets were dim,
And the sex came to no longer exist. 

Maybe, we were never meant to be together.




As The Anger Brews....



My skin is steaming,
As the blood boils within me,
I feel the crimson rise to my cheeks.
I hear banging against the walls of my sternum,
—and pounding within my skull.
I’ve never experienced a heart beating this ferociously.
My breath has weakened,
As if I have a punctured lung,
The urge to scream —unbearable,
I am lightheaded,
My pulse races,
The rage intensifies,
I breathe deeply.
I accept the festering anger is hurting only me.
The crimson release flows from my cheeks,
They love to see us angered,
The best revenge is not to speak.






Solo Guitar



You are the beat,
Strumming places within me,
I never thought could make music.





To My Favorite Poet



I linger on your every word,
A faithful prisoner to your imagination.
Sailing to the beat of your expressions,
I feel myself carried across a sea of melodies.

Awaiting the chance to enter your manifest of stowed away words,
To watch them drift across the tip of your tongue,
As I glide the highs and lows of your quivering voice,
And find myself captive to your thoughts.

To sway with your mannerisms,
To cringe and buckle at the swelling of a tear,
When secret lines of heartbreak and love,
Breathe their first breath of air.

To dream and feel what you’ve seen and heard,
To experience the virtue pouring from inside,
When expressions expressed,
Are more than playful rhymes...

To extend keen ears while stanzas overflow—my goose bumps arise.
Your verse fills a void,—caressing places I never thought could feel alive.
Many pray to heal, you chose to write,
I once was trapped—your poetry gives me life.




Unattended Wounds



You told me I could pour my all out to you,
I trusted you,
Even when I saw you, yourself—are punctured.





Black Rose




Is my appearance uneasy?
Does my darkness expose—darkened spirits,
And a vessel in need of mending?
Have my scarlet relatives,
Evoked only the most cherished desires?
—blinding you from my deaths.
When I whither,
I turn from crimson reds,
To the blackest of blacks,
I was not meant to live forever.











Writer's Block



I wonder if my thoughts are blocked from over thinking.
Maybe my urge to write is scarcely needed,
If I stopped writing would anyone notice?
Shall I jot my thoughts in a journal safely hiding my moments?
Self expression penned means no expression at all,
When the words no longer flow and keen fingertips lock.




Are You Afraid of Love?



I am not afraid of love.
I am afraid of being hurt beyond repair.

I am afraid of giving my all to one,
Who may not always be there.

I am afraid of losing myself
And never finding my way back.

I am afraid of falling in love--
If you aren't falling back.





Humble Haiku's



A Haiku a day,
Lets curiosity stay,
Humble your musings.





Sinful Thoughts



Lustfully creating chemistry in the bedroom,
Day dreams to wet dreams,
May I play out my sinful thoughts on you?

Your body—my favorite leisure.
Cravings unbearable,
The flavor of your lips forever engraved in my memory.

Will the next be better than the first?
Again a chance to savor your sweetness,
—To hear your moans escape.

Your body against my body, rhythmically our hips gyrate.
Desire for your passion—longing for your embrace.
The sucking of my neck—bites I cannot take.

Excitement, I cringe at the presence of you.
Fingers tactically stroking—smear my wetness.
Low gasps when you penetrate.

Climax after climax, now allow me to stimulate.
Exposing all of my weaknesses,
I want you—intimately; the best way.




A Little Too Comfortable



I never anticipated this.
The ease of our connection,
Sharing my space -mind flooded,
Drowning in apprehensive feelings as I lie awake next to you.

I am not use to your embrace.
Is it terrible that with you I feel safe?
Am I trapped solely within the moments we share?
When hours seem like minutes just because you are here.


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