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Pre-Dental Dental Hygeine Student


We are happy to announce that we are being featured by SEY MOUR Productions in ‘Bawsten Baddies’. This series highlights talented and successful business women who are making an impact in their communities. 



Q & A Interview with Sque3eze

Filmmaker: Joe Teixeira

Producer/CEO/Founder: JT.Stanislaus


2016 to 2019

·         The Milky Way Lounge (JP)

(Open Mic)

·         The Water Club in Marina Bay

(Quincy, MA)

·         The Inner Sanctum (Art Plug)

·         Aziza Pe&ce Youth Program

(Corks & Canvas)

·         Pancakes & Booze (DC & Philly)

·         Poets For Dinner (MD)

·         Mellow Monday’s (Open Mic)

·         OutSpoken Open Mic

·         Exclusive Diamond Boutique's "Sip N Shop" Pop-Up Shop (MD)

·         "When We Were Poetry" (KC’s Studio, Baltimore MD)

·         "Much Ado About Poetry" (The Players Arena, Baltimore MD)

·         Social Saturday’s (Open Mic)

·         Soul Saturday’s (Open Mic)

·         Waterfront Place Trophy Beach Club by ProjectArt2k ("Ladies Get in Formation" Show)

·         OVOXO Art Show (Impact Hub, Baltimore MD)

·         Skyloft’s Gallery (Exhibit VII)

·         WHIIPPED Productions (By Girly Anderson)

·         The Sand Gallery (Baltimore, MD)

·         The Baltimore Soundstage

·         Power Plant (Baltimore, MD)

·         The Royal Farms Arena (MD)

·         The Brooklyn Museum

·         The Fillmore (Silver Spring, MD)

·         Times Square Pop Up (NY, NY)

2020 to 2022

·         An Evening with The Poetic Artiste (Savin Hill, MA) 2020

·         Black Owned Boston Pop Up Market (Seaport, MA) 08/2020

·         Black Owned Boston Pop Up Market Fall (Seaport, MA) 10/2020

·         One Bead (Boston, MA) 3/6/2021 - Artist Spotlight (Zoom/YouTube/Live)

·         IG Live @ThePoeticArtiste 2/12 7pm Live Painting and Music

·         Black Owned Boston Pop Up Shop #SpreadLove (South Bay Mall) 2/13/2021 ​

·         Black Owned Boston Pop Up Shop #SpreadLove (South Bay Mall) 3/13/2021​

·         "A Poetic Night" curated by The Poetic Artiste 9/20/2021

·         "A Poetic Brunch: Open Mic Edition" 11/20/2021

·         "A Poetic Brunch: Art of Love Edition" 02/12/2022

·         "A Poetic Brunch: Erotic Expressions Edition" 05/14/2022

·         Pancakes & Booze (Boston) 05/19/2022

·         Bam's Fest (Boston) 6/11/22 

·         Black Owned Bos. Outdoor Market (Seaport) 6/26/2022

·         Spark the Block Culture Fest 7/24/2022

·         Roll Bounce II at Hoyt Field 8/6/2022

·         Black Owned Bos. Outdoor Market (Seaport) 8/27/2022

·         Black Owned Bos. Outdoor Market (Seaport) 8/28/2022

·         Black Owned Bos. Outdoor Market (Seaport) 9/25/2022

·         Black Owned Bos. Outdoor Market (Seaport) 10/16/2022

2023 to Present

·         J.P. Licks (Harvard Square, Cambridge) 9/2022 - 1/2023

·         Words, Wings & Wine 3/18/2023

·         NOSA Gallery "Chocolate Devotion Exhibit" (Nubian Square) May 2023

·         NOSA Gallery "Chocolate Devotion" Paint Nite (Nubian Square)  5/12/2023

·         NOSA Gallery "Chocolate Devotion" Exhibit x Poetry Night (Nubian Square) 5/27/2023

·         Bam's Fest (Franklin Park) 6/24/2023

·         "High Art" by P.I Society 10/14/2023 (Cambridge, MA)


·         Roses & Rose Art x Poetry Show (TBA 2024)


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