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I hope each of you enjoyed this experience! Tickets sold out for "Art of Love"! You do not want to miss another event! Be sure to sign up for the email list.

Brunch from a Black Owned Caterer

Dessert from a Black Owned Dessert Chef

Wine & Champagne from a Black Owned Business Owner (Detroit Based)

Guest Spoken Word Feature @B_Unorthodox from the DMV

Art Auction & Raffle from The Poetic Artiste <3

Adult Toy Vendor/Candle Vendor/Body Care Vendor & More!

Follow my IG to learn more about how you can support Black Owned Entrepreneurs & Businesses!

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Art of Love 2022

My Story

One of my goals was to be able to create a space for people in the community to come together, share ideas, mingle and enjoy the arts. The Poetic Brunch series is catered to building the community, supporting Black Owned Businesses and learning more about spaces Boston has to offer for young professionals.

Each event has sold out and I am happy to say that it gets better EVERY, SINGLE, TIME! This is just the beginning :). 


Interested in joining me, sharing ideas and collaborating on this mission? Feel free to reach out anytime.

The Poetic Artiste & Raphael's Specialty Cheesecake


I'm always looking for performers, assistants, caterers, vendors and black owned businesses interested in collaborating.

Ig: ThePoeticArtiste

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