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A Poetic Brunch: Erotic Expressions


If you didn't make it out you missed a real treat!

The Erotic Expressions Edition was an amazing event! 

Art & Poetry Showcase (Feature from GEORGIA!)

ALL Black Owned Business Vendors

Art Auction (Things got heated!)

Raffle (So many winners!)


Bottomless Mimosas (Yes, they were really bottomless!)

Eye Candy Wine by Motu Viget

& More!

This Edition was catered towards expressing our desires and enjoying our truths. Everyone loves a little Erotic Poetry ;)! 

Imagery & Prose




The taste of your sweetness,
Still lingers on my tongue,
I am an addict for your dew,
Remember the first time I pleased you,
The time my lips pursed between your folds,
That purr that escaped,
You knew I loved to hear you moan...
and then there was silence,
You sensed what was in store,
As my mouth fluttered across your wetness,
and my lips engulfed your other lips,
You spoke and said I'm nasty
But your taste I can't resist,
or how your diamond peaks at me,
Awaiting a tantalizing encase,
To be wrapped within my tongue,
Light strokes upon the center,
Twirling around the cape that no longer keeps it sheltered,
You hated when I teased you,
I could not resist when you said,
Please. Don't. Stop...
As if you knew being craved was my weakness,
I told you what you wanted to hear,
I'm not here to play games,
Firmly wrap your legs around my head,
Bring your garden to my face,

I don't care about the mess,
Every drop of dew is a present to my sheets,
Will you be my submissive?
I will handcuff you to the bedposts,
Before I let you run away,
I missed the way your body would spasm for me,
Will you honor me another night?
I only wish to say this blessing, between heaven, and your thighs.

Six Word Story


Ecstasy spoke, with murmurs in moans.

Erotic Expressions
Erotic Expressions

The Mind of a Sapiosexual

Speechless conversations often lead me to mental orgasms,
But verbal penetration goes deeper than any sexual relation,
Please excuse my bluntness but the thought alone of straddling your mind makes me weak.

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