Happy Valentine's Day!


Order this package for your love one <3.


Included items listed below:

* Valentine's Day Card w/ Envelope of Unveiled Beauty VDay Edition

* 2 <3 Red Acrylic Painted Pillar Tealight Candle Stands

* 4 Pack Unscented Tealight Refills

* Unveiled Beauty VDay Limited Edition Lighter


Pillar Holders vary in design but are a mixture of Red, Pink, and white shades with glitters, stones, and wiring individually made by The Poetic Artiste.


* Each set of 2 pillars requires 4-6hrs to paint and design through multiple drying stages. Mod podge, painters tape, a glue gun and Golden Acrylic Heavy Body paint is used to design these items. A layer of paint protectant is added as a finish to protect the design over time.


(The Candle Holder is made from the wood of a Beech Tree located in Ukraine.)

Lovers Set