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Gallery of Art

LesleyAnn Moore a.k.a The Poetic Artiste began teaching herself how to write poetry and paint in 2014 and 2016, respectively. She is a Boston Native of Jamaican and Trinidadian decent. She first started her art journey as a child sketching and using watercolors. She now masters in Acrylic Paint.

Who Am I?

The Poetic Artiste is passionate about art and expression. For many years she envisioned hosting her own events. As of 2020, she has curated many SOLD OUT events within the City of Boston. Stay tuned for more Art Shows, Pop-Up Shops, Poetry Brunches and Paint Nites. 

Upcoming Feature:
Bam's Fest Vendor Market

June 24th, 2023


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The “Chocolate Devotion” art collection is dedicated to capturing the beauty within shades of brown. Representation in art is essential. This collection was created to honor and showcase the divine allure of melanated skin.

Artwork will be shipped at the end of Exhibition 5/31. Contact the artist directly for scheduled pickups/deliveries in the Boston Area.

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